Saturday, July 16, 2011


I created this blog a few months ago so that I could have a place to share recipes and other kitchen related posts. I never got around to making my first post, because well, life has been very busy.

I really enjoy cooking and baking. If money and time were not a factor (not sure what world that would be), I would love to go to culinary school. It would be great to actually have training to further enhance my skills.

When possible, I do like to attend cooking demonstrations and take cooking classes at local stores. I love learning new techniques and recipe ideas. Many years ago, we went on a cruise and the chef did a demonstration on crab cakes. It was there that I discovered how easy it was to make crab cakes. I find that many dishes seem like they might be difficult, until you see/try it.

My recipes come from many sources, many of them, I honestly don't know where they originally came from. I have been clipping recipes from magazines, papers and newsletters for years and they are just hanging out in a file, long removed from anything that I could cite as a source. If I know a source for a recipe, I will share it. Frequently, I start with a recipe and improvise and tweak as I go. If I had a recipe that was an inspiration (and know where it was from), I will share it. By not citing a source, I am not claiming any of the recipes to be my own (unless of course they are and I will say that).

Hope you enjoy the recipes and information that I share here.

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