Monday, March 12, 2012

Twix Brownies

When I came across a Pin for Twix Brownies, I thought, how could you go wrong, so I decided to make them. We attend a Sunday evening Bible Study and I thought this would be the perfect sweet treat to bring along to share.
I followed the recipe shared on Jasey's Crazy Daisy exactly. Unfortunately, while the brownies were delicious and ooey-gooey, they just didn't deliver on the cookie crunch that is absolutely necessary for a 'Twix' and I think (can it be), there was a bit too much chocolate. I will admit her brownies appeared to have a thicker cookie base than mine, not sure why, and with more cookie crunch, perhaps they would have better lived up to the promise.

I think that I will tweak a few things next time...

I will bake a shortbread cookie for the base. My thought is that this will deliver better on the cookie crunch than crumbled cookies. I might even be crazy and use the Chocolate Espresso Shortbread cookies I made at Christmas (minus the chocolate chips).
I will add less hot fudge to my brownies.

I'm hopeful, and on a bit of quest, to figure out this brownie dessert, so that it delivers on the name Twix Brownies.

You can find the original recipe here. I will share my version, once I have found a version that I like.


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Jasey @ Jasey's Crazy Daisy said...

I do bake a shortbread cookie crust on my Samoa Cookie Brownies that might interest you, It is definitely more crispy. I wanted to try another method. Glad you liked the caramel.

Happy Day,
Jasey @ Jasey's Crazy Daisy