Wednesday, December 14, 2011

12 Days of Christmas Cookies: Mint Chocolate Cookies

When I was first out of college, and had more time, I participated in a number of cookie exchanges and even cookie baking days with friends. One of my all-time favorite cookie recipes came from one of those exchanges. It is a simple three ingredient cookie, that is full of flavor and texture.

One of my favorite and super easy, super good anytime cookie recipes is for Mint Chocolate Cookies. They taste similar to Girl Scout Thin Mints and the best part is, since you make them, they are available year round. I use the bags of chocolate discs found at craft stores like Michael's. If they aren't on sale, they are usually what I use my weekly coupons on. For the sprinkles, colored sugar crystals do not work so well, they sort of melt into the chocolate and don't stand out well against the chocolate. The best ones to me are the little balls - generally multi-colored.
Mint Chocolate Cookies

2# Mint Flavored Chocolate
One box of Ritz Crackers

Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Stir until smooth. Dip crackers in chocoate coating both sides. Place on wax paper to cool. Top with sprinkles before the chocolate sets. Once the chocolate is fully set, you can store them in a cool place.

Me, I can't ever wait for them to fully set at room temperature, so I use a cookie sheet which, once sprinkled, I can place in my freezer to finish setting. This lets me place them in my storage container sooner. Much like Thin Mints, these cookies are best eaten cold in my opinion. In the winter, I store the container (Tupperware) in the garage to keep them nice and cold.


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